About me...

I'm an experienced Developer with more than 10 years working for Digital Agencies and doing freelance work.

I take on new challenges with gusto and am a strong believer that nothing is out of our reach, we may just have to keep at it to get there.

The majority of the work I do these days is back-end coding and I mainly use PHP to get the job done.

I love pushing technology and trying to come up with innovative ideas and new ways of doing things.

Outside of my working life I'm a keen Surfer, Skateboarder, Climber, BMXer, Photographer and Guitarist. I also really enjoy drawing (hence the terrible doodles that adorn this site).

My work has taken me through many different types of project, including simple flat HTML builds, classic ASP sites, .NET extranets and e-commerce sites, PHP intranets, PHP e-commerce solutions, a PHP social network, and PHP reporting systems.

I have a great grasp of data structure and system interaction points and pride myself on my ability to plan and map out exactly how a site will all hang together and the structure the database will have.

My Experience..

Reading Room 2009 - April 2015
Builds in .NET and PHP, My role in Reading Room started as a Back End Developer working exclusively with .NET, over time I moved to work exclusively with PHP which to be honest I much prefer. My role as Senior Technical Developer at Reading Room, requires the mentoring of the PHP team, line management, consultancy work for clients, architecting the build and pitching for new business.

I am also the qualified first aider for my current employer

Pavilion Communication Services (merged into Amaze in 2008) 2005 - 2009
Builds in Classic ASP, .NET, Flash/AS2/AS3, I worked in both a front-end and back-end capacity often working all the way through the project from requirement gathering, cut-up of designs, building templates and building the back-end solution. I also worked as the technical support for the company, setting up servers, databases and internal IT equipment.

Freelance work - 2002 - 2007, 2009 - onwards
Numerous freelance projects in both .NET and PHP - including a solicitor's website, an online will builder and online document storage, a business consortium website, a holiday letting website, multiple e-commerce sites and various consultancy jobs.

Computation MSc - UMIST

Business Studies BSc(Econ) - University of Wales Aberystwyth

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